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Haiyisoft is one of the most powerful marketing management informationalization companies in China. In 1995, Haiyisoft developed the power management information system for the electric power enterprises. In 2003, Haiyisoft developed the first Java EE-based power marketing management information system in China. Over the past 20 years, Haiyisoft has provided informationalization service for more than 100 electric power grid enterprises. The service involves such fields as marketing, production, assets and data analysis and covers the whole process—consultation, design, production, development, implementation and operation & maintenance. Haiyisoft aims to improve companies’ management level and create values for customers through informationalization.

Now, Haiyisoft holds a complete set of electric power solutions to marketing, production, dispatching, electric materials, projects and human resources. Its products include altogether 8 management systems: marketing management, management of security production, collaborative office management, HR management, materials management, project management and integrated management as well as integration of these management systems. As the company’s key application software product, “electric power marketing management information system” serves over 200 electric power enterprise customers in many provinces or cities and has earned great reputation for its excellent performance. In China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Haiyisoft has been in charge of the marketing management system construction and perfection its two branches—Guangdong power grid company and Guangxi power grid company and gained high praise. In 2014, Haiyisoft set up the marketing management information system for China Southern Power Grid Corporation, which has achieved remarkable innovative fruits in marketing management “three ‘quan’ five ‘hua’”(all-time, all-dimensional, all-process; power network resources intensification, regulatory platform intelligentization, lean team management, process regulations standardization and process management professionalization), client-account-customer model of electric power customer and the service-component-pool-based flexible technology framework and reached the international advanced level and leading level at home.

With the development of electric power informationalization, Haiyisoft steadily improves the high-end services of power electric power informationalization, which mainly includes EIP(Enterprise Information Portal)—the enterprises-level informationalization application of electric power enterprises, BI(Business Intelligence)—the data warehouse of enterprises-level data integration, SOA(Service-oriented Architecture)—enterprises-level application integration, and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)—integrated application of the whole data.Haiyisoft will make unremitting efforts to become the “best integrator of all solutions to electric power enterprise informationalization”.

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