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Devoted to the development of smart transportation-related software and hardware products, Haiyisoft is a hi-tech company specialized in the traffic industry informationalization including highway transportation, waterway transportation, public bus service and passenger transport. It is equipped with an excellent team with high skills and best service quality, in charge of products development and consultation. Haiyisoft provides the traffic industry with comprehensive information solutions such as business process standardization, data precision and resources network so as to effectively plan, manage and control all the business activities of traffic management departments and provide scientific basis for them.

Haiyisoft has independently developed digital highway system, digital waterway system, smart public transport system, intelligent delivery system and information safety, together with some traffic industry-centered management and service system including the highway & waterway emergency command system, the public travel service system and the decision-making analysis system of traffic management big data. The intelligent traffic solutions and products have provided satisfying service for customers in Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Henan, etc.

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