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Origin of Haiyisoft

The name of Haiyisoft was derived from the Chinese character “hai” (sea) in the idiom “hai na bai chuan” (all rivers run into the sea) and “yi” (fit) in the idiom “yi he tian di” (keep fit, in harmony with the earth and heaven).

“Hai” (sea) indicates that Haiyisoft is located at the junction of the Bohai sea and Huanghai sea, where there is pleasant weather, abundant natural resources, and many outstanding people. Under the strong influence of ocean culture, Haiyisoft has embraced a broad vision, great courage, tolerance and diligence.

“Yi” (fit) expresses our ideal in business: the company is the home of all employees who will tolerate each other and collaborate with each other in a just, honest environment, and try hard to provide perfect products and services to return customers’ trust.

Let’s create a better future hand in hand!


Integrity, Innovation, Win-win

Integrity: be honest, do best.

Innovation: idea innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and model innovation.

Win-win: win-win with customers, with partners, and with employees.


Haiyisoft aims to upgrade the industrial management level and promote social progress through information technology.