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Managing a company is just like climbing mountains. Despite thistles and thorns all the road, we should fill ourselves with ideals, overcome numerous hardships and get to the top with persistence and valiant struggle. With four seasons changing yearly, we enjoy the brilliant beauty of nature; meanwhile, we also have to brave the piercing wind. Looking back at the past road, I hold a strong sense of achievement and mission to motivate me forward with great courage. I have always been appreciating the state: only when standing on the top of the highest mountain, one can see others are small.

More than ten years has passed since charging Haiyisoft, and I have stepped into my 40s. In the whole process, our team has formed a set of management philosophy: generousness, frankness, integrity, cooperation, farsightedness, rigorous discipline and delicacy.

Today, over 1500 employees are working here, who are in different ages, come from different areas, engage in different positions and have different characteristics. How to integrate with the whole organization and develop good products and services for customers depends greatly on the company culture which is formed over a long period of time. In such a culture, no one is superior or inferior to others, but they are different only in responsibilities. Everyone are tolerant and open to each other, tolerating others’ shortcomings and communicating freely. Then an efficient coordination mechanism can be formed. Sincerity brings mutual trust, which will lead to greater efficiency and more genuine cooperation.

Any company should provide customers with good products and services. Then how to achieve it? First of all, the management should be farsighted enough to seize the future direction and hold perfect concept to promote leading products and operation framework which will ensure every link to be carried on perfectly. Rigorous work and perfect operation can create simplicity and efficiency for workers and utility and convenience for customers.

Let’s carry forward innovation. Cultivation is the driving force of a company’s development. Without cultivation, a team cannot make sustained progress. Cultivation is not only the responsibility of the R&D team, but that of each employee, for it permeates every interface, every framework, every concept, every method and every communication link.

As an ancient civilization and the once greatest cultural, financial center in the world, China has developed an excellent tradition and culture with a history of thousands of years. However, the software companies in neighboring countries have processed a large scale of tens of thousands of employees and made great achievements. So we should work harder and contribute our efforts to the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation!

We should treat our customers honestly and see them more important than our own lives, for they are the people Haiyisoft relies on for a living. Haiyisoft takes this as her faith.

Let’s our efforts and services to return the society!

At last, let me give my sincere thanks to all the customers and employees for your confidence and support!

President:Wang Lin