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Haiyisoft passed CMMI 5 appraisal

2015-01-03 00:00

On June. 15, Yantai Haiyi Software Co., Ltd. passed CMMI 5 appraisal, the first company in Yantai and the second in Shandong that has passed this appraisal.

Founded in 2003, Yantai Haiyi Software Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary corporation of Dong Fang Electronic Co., Ltd. and meanly involved in the informatization of electric power, public security, e-government affairs and road passenger transportation.

Based on the existing advantage in informatizaion, Haiyisoft will take the opportunity of this appraisal, continue to develop general software products and software outsourcing service and become the leading informatization solution supplier and service provider in China by 2020. CMMI, short for capability maturity model integration, is an evaluation and certification system made by the SEI of Camegie Mellon University and also the most authoritative software process evaluation system universally acknowledged today. CMMI is divided into 5 levels, among which CMMI 5 is the top marking that the company leads in standardization, normalization and internationalization.