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Haiyisoft was awarded the Best Employer of 2015

2016-02-17 14:11

In the campaign of “The Best Employer in Yantai” organized by, Haiyisoft, together with Nanshan Group, Luhua Group and Zhenghai Group, got the award “the Top 10 Best Employers” among over 30,000 candidates. On Jan.15, 2016, vice president Wang Yan attended the award ceremony. This award strongly proved Haiyisoft’ culture “hai na bai chuan (all rivers run into the sea), yi he tian di(keep fit, in harmony with the earth and heaven)”.

The “Best Employer Award 2015” campaign was held by and the Research Center of Corporate Social Responsibility and Employer Branding of Beijing University. An independent third party would carry on fair, scientific investigation and aimed to find, praise and honor those distinguished employer brands, help job hunters know good employers and serve both the employers as well as the employees. With great credibility and charisma, this campaign has become the most influential selecting activity of employer brands.

Haiyisoft follows the principle that employees are the most valuable assets and wealth of the company and cultivates the employees’ capabilities to promote the company’s core competitiveness, create larger value for customers and return our investors and the society. In his acceptance speech, vice president Wang Yan expressed great gratitude to employees, customers and the society for their support and trust. Haiyisoft will, as always, work hard to return employees, customers and the society with greater achievements.